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Hello and welcome to me travel blog. In February 2010 I decided to jump in to the deep end, do something alien to me and give myself a real challenge. I decided I was going to sign up to a 6 month work placement in the People Republic of China as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher.

Why you may ask? Well professionally, I was stuck in a rut. My employer tried their best to give me extra responsibilities such as covering team leaders on holidays and helping my fellow employees improve in the way that they worked, but it wasn’t enough for me I was looking for a challenge.

Personally, since university, I have had an overbearing hunger to travel, to see the world and experience a place, a culture that tourists or holiday makers do not see. During University I nearly went to America to take part in Camp America but decided staying in the UK and working as a safety officer on a gas power station would be a better idea as I would be able to save up more money for my studies.

Whilst working full time I had set up a software design company as a side business with the aim of eventually making profit, enough to draw a wage. My co-director was unable to commit the hours required and so being a marketer and not a computer programmer I reluctantly had to let it go.

I found myself in a dead end job with no prospects and it was a strange feeling not to have an aim, a goal. I had two choices; apply for marketing jobs or sign up to a TEFL course. I decided on the latter as I may have never of gotten the chance to do it again and I have never looked back since.

Sometimes we make tough decisions in life where we wonder whether we made the right or wrong choice, this was the right one.

I hope you enjoy reading through my blog and I would love it if you could post some feedback on anything that I have wrote, it only takes 30 seconds. If you get bored of reading I have a section where I have put my videos for you to watch.


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