Pre Journey thoughts

James Bond, You only live twice

Watching James Bond, You only live twice as a kid, playing the computer game Shenmue on the Sega Dreamcast, the beautiful landscapes, the buildings, the history, the food, the experience of living in a country very different to my own, this is why I wanted to embrace China.

From Middlesbrough, Manchester, London, Moscow and Beijing, My journey starts in the hot and humid Chinese capital city.

Mc Donalds in China

China is evolving, the tides are turning, the big western companies are making a commercialised invasion, the China that I am to experience will slowly start to disappear as the mix of old and new will soon start to become top heavy with the new.

By me entering the country I am part of this revolution. Whether China pulled for it or the west pushed for it, the west is making an impact in the Peoples Republic of China. They nearly went as far as romanising there whole language replacing simplified Chinese characters with the letters you see in front of you today. I’m glad this didn’t happen and I hope that China holds on to its culture, history and heritage for many years to come.

This isn’t suppose to be a lesson Kevin Nolanon China so I’ll keep it short, I am embracing a culture that will change drastically over my lifetime and I hope I to learn many things about my self , the East and the West that will develop me and make me a better person.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy my blog!


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